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buttons not working on mixtrack pro

when using serato dj intro on a mac in conjunction with my mixtrack pro:

-the stutter button doesnt work.
-hot cues can only be assigned once: the delete key does not reset them, but does make the loop 'in', 'out', and 'reloop' buttons flash.
-will not allow me to use loop in manual mode.

when using demo version of trackor pro 2 on a mac w/ SAME mixtrack pro:

-hot cue buttons add a filter effect, but dont act as cues like theyre supposed to.
-tracks assigned to the right hand deck, or B, have no audio out. the track appears in the sofware, but it makes no sound when played, even while the left deck, or A, works and sounds perfectly fine.
-crossfader doesnt work.
-gain A (and obviously B) dont work. sole volume control lies with the master gain.
-cue gain doesnt work. headphones in general dont recieve any signal whatsoever.
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