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I’m angry and frustrated

Finally a 4Trak driver for OSX 10.11, with macOS 10.12 coming in mere months??

So you've finally released a driver, and in ~4 months macOS 10.12 will be released. Ridiculous!! My 4Trak is not even four years old. Do you plan on being more timely with the next driver release? Or should I just chuck the thing as an obsolete POC?

If you're actually "committed to developing and releasing products that you can depend on for years to come" as has been stated, and not just blowing smoke, then I hope you'll actually produce the next driver for this controller in a reasonable amount of time.
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  • Hello,

    I understand you're frustrated but the 4Trak is quite old at this point.  Over time, with newer Numark products coming out, the concentration on updating drivers for older Legacy products becomes overlooked, as the development team concentrates mainly on our current line of products and drivers.  That goes for not just us, but for many computer/hardware manufacturing companies, as well.  

    For example, when the iPhone 3 or 3G came out, the phone was being updated up to iOS 6.  When iOS 7 came out, those phones could no longer be updated.  That's because their hardware no longer supported the newer iOS architecture.  This is a similar situation with your 4Trak.  With newer operating systems coming out each year, the support for older hardware on it may simply not be there anymore.  

    Due to Apple's constantly-changing OS and the upgrades and updates that come along with these operating systems, a lot of our newer DJ controllers are being made "class-compliant" on Mac to ensure long-term support. As stated in the release notes that come in the 4Trak El Capitan driver update, no future OS X updates will be released for this product, as it is end-of-life/discontinued. If your computer is stable on your current OS, keep it as-is. It is recommended to avoid unnecessary updates, or updating your operating system every time a new update becomes available. This doesn't go for just our products, but every software and hardware company's products, as well. That above being said, it is not recommended to update your operating system until an official announcement has been made from your hardware or software manufacturer/publisher

    To ensure this doesn't happen either accidentally or overnight, you can turn off automatic updates on your computer. To do this, navigate to System Preferences > App Store > Uncheck Automatically Check for Updates.
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  • I’m disappointed and expecting better from Numark
    Hi Bill R,

    I share the problem of the user above, switch killa. I find it unacceptable that Numark would wontonly have DJs cast perfectly functional and otherwise contemporary products into a "Legacy" pile of uselesness because Numark doesn't feel like "concentrating on updating drivers." I think Numark really needs to "concentrate on updating drivers" - think about this, this is your end of the bargain. It is damn near false advertising to not do so. 4Trak is not that old of a product in that you were manufacturing and selling the product until not too long ago. I bought it just a couple of years ago and there was no disclaimer advising that you would stop updating the drivers.

    Please get to it and update the driver to the latest operating system of Mac, 10.12 Sierra. I've never posted before on any DJ forum, but I find this outrageous so am doing so now. I will share this impression and the frustrating experiences I've had as a result.

    Please respond with better news on a 4Trak update. I would even pay a reasonable fee for an update. That's fair. It makes absolutely no sense, for the DJ community or the environment, to have to constantly heap perfectly good equipment into the trash because mindless hardware and software companies tell us we must.

    Thank you,
    • Michael,

      I understand you're frustrated.

      I don't make the driver, I simply monitor the forums. We don't provide announcements of product discontinuation. What's provided in the release notes of the 4Trak El Capitan driver states that no future OS X updates will be released for this product as it is end-of-life. This is the most accurate information. More information concerning Sierra compatibility can be viewed at this link
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