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Make the left and right sides identical to each other on the NS7 Series

Make the left and right sides identical to each other instead of mirror images of each other to make it even more like spinning on turntables (or two separate controllers, such as the Numark V7, with a mixer in between). Here is why...

If I'm spinning on two Techinc 1200's set up similar to the attached picture, no matter which table I'm on (the left or the right) the stop button is always to the left of the platter and the pitch control is always to the right of the platter.

When I'm spinning on my NS7 I have to "remember" where controls like the the pitch slider, track back/forward, and others that are on opposite sides of the platter as I go from left to right. More often than I'd like, I find my self tapping on the deck where no button/control exists.

Pioneer has recognized a need for this type of design on their higher end controllers such as the DDJ-sZ2, DDJ-SZ, DDJ-sR2, DDJ-SR, DDJ-SX2, DDJ-SX, and DDJ-S1...

...HOWEVER, in my humble opinion, Numark STILL has the advantage of a controller with a motorized platter. If you guys adopt and identical left and right design you will blow everyone else out of the water!
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