Max angle to place Mixdeck Quad

Since my Mixdeck Quad is not my front mixer and song information is quite near to the front edge of the screen, is almost impossible for me to read it without having to reach all the way back.

So I was wondering how much angle is RECOMENDED for this device.

If it were a simple controller I would not mind any angle, but since it has two cd platters I worry about those getting damaged or extra worn out because of the device being placed at an angle other than sitting straight.

Some other devices have max angle suggestions on their manuals, this device does not.

So I would appreciate any info on this subject.

Please, this question is meant for Numark Technical personel only, I know the response will help many users, and as much as another user would like to give his or her opinion on the matter only real technical personel from Numark know if there is any real consecuence in an angle position of the device.

Thanks in advance
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