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MIXDECK EXPRESS LE on its own free will remapped my PLAY/II & Scratch buttons

I need my fellow brethren today more than ever before. Here it is: NUMARK MIXDECK EXPRESS Controller, W/MACBOOK PRO, USING EITHER SERTO DJ INTRO -OR- VDJ LE what happened was after I finished playing CD's I wanted to go over & utilize my interface whilst using my MIXDECK EXPRESS LE as the interfaces controller. Nothing unusual so far, until I went to hit the (PLAY/II) on DECK A & instead of just playing the song, it Highlighted/Lit Up the (SEARCH) button instead. I did the same thing on DECK B & yes the same happened on that deck. Well I thought WTH is this so I went ahead & pressed the (SEARCH) button & that's now somehow doing what the (PLAY/II) used to do. That's not all, so on either deck if I push the ( + ) for the pitch fade it activates the (SCRATCH) button. So to turn of the (SCRATCH) button I have to hit the ( + ) once more & to stop a song from playing I have to hit the (SEARCH) button. How in the world could these buttons on their own free will just decide to assign themselves to another button? Also is their a easy fix for this that I can do myself?
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