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Mixdeck Quad touch sensors not working properly when in scratch mode

My touch sensors on my mix deck quad are not working properly when the scratch function is engaged. When I touch the sensor, the song doesn't react to my touch instantly, there is a 5-10s delay. This happens when I plug a thumb drive straight into the deck and when using serato dj intro. Anyone else have this issue
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  • Hi Mike,

    Thanks for posting. 

    Can you please confirm the specs of the power supply you're using with your Mixdeck Quad? If you're located in the US, you should be using a 12V 5A power supply. Your adapter should be connected directly to a surge protector or power strip. Avoid DJing in a highly-carpeted area, as static electricity can interfere with the performance of the platters. Try another room or building as well, as a defective ground in your home or building can be causing interference, as well.

    I noticed that you'd mentioned this also occurs in Serato DJ Intro... Can you please post your full system specs, as well as confirm that your computer is properly optimized? Check out this helpful guide that will walk you through how to optimize your computer - CLICK HERE.
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