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I’m very frustrated

Mixtrack Pro Audio problems

Mixtrack Pro connected to MacBook Pro using Virtual DJ Pro ver. 7. After an ever-changing amount of time, the Mixtrack will no longer properly send audio to my speakers. The audio will become very garbled, for lack of a better term, and after reseating the mixtrack or rebooting the laptop, the Mixtrack will only work on one channel and the Mixtrack will have NO control of the audio. The audio basically jumps to the loudest setting and will not allow me to control the volume. Any thoughts, suggestions?

I can remove the Mixtrack from my setup and VDJ plays fine along with my speakers and headphones.
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  • Hi Tom, Sorry for the trouble. Sounds like the sound card may be having some issues. If the Mixtrack Pro is new, see if your retailer can swap it out. If not, give us a call for warranty assistance:

    United States
    Tel: 401.658.3131

    United Kingdom
    Tel: 0044 (0) 1252 896000

    Tel: +49 2154-81299-0
    Support: +49 2154-81299-20


    Tel: +551132234820

    South America
    Tel: +511998325179
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