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Numark with S.T.E.M. technology support

Hey Numark and the support community,
I've just come by this recently and had to, share it! I was browsing around the net and found this thing called STEM. The concept is cool as the tech is new. It is a compression of 4 layers of music squeezed into 1 .mp4 file. When you play the file normally, such as iTunes, it does as usual but, if using STEM supported software you can actually play, 4 different layers part of the music. Not only can you control Gains, Highs, Mids, and Lows of the tracks loaded but also assigned layers to the it, such as, but not limited to, a layer of Drums, Bass, Rhythm or Melody and Voice. All in one inconspicuous file! Wow!

I am really interested to see this grow. It is cool and would love to see it supported on Numark devices and controllers sometime.

I forgot what company introduced it but if you look around you'll eventually come across it. I'm just lazy. I'll do it later.

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