Numark v7 support for serato DJ

Hi numark, I'm interested to know why the date for Serato DJ keeps changing for the hardware, fist it was spring then it was fall now december. I would like a straight answer, and I want it from the hardware manufacturer, I should not be held by a software company, because other products are launched and other controllers get support while we have to wait for a year. I will upgrade to a Numak NS7 mark2 or I can use my Akai pads or my Korg and all the other midi equipment I have lying around. Why is this taking so long, this has to be escalated, as Sertao DJ is being integrated with timecode, we are just left with no support, the hardware is not mappable in Tracktor, so we left waiting, I cannot download any other software, to work, I can't use all four output in the studio, I want to be able to use my investment in hardware as long as I can, i do understand you playing a competitive game here, but i see the numark ns7 mark2 and the numark v7 as the best in the market for true vinyl feel, and if the encoder was upgraded in the numark NS& mark2, i don't think it will be hard to update it on the numark v7.... what is the problem....
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