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Personal mastering unit

Hey everyone,
I've been trying to do this for a while with no luck. So, I've come on here and pitch it to the forum for, probably better results than going about it alone.

I want to have a sort of, personal mastering unit. By that I mean, having a mastering set of addons to make my mix essentially mine.

For example, if I want access to mastering, EQs, compression and all that fine tuning equipment, found in clubs for a sound engineer, they would be available for me, the turntablist, controllerist or whatever, to use, on the fly.

What do you guys think? Personally, I'd like that. Basically the freedom to change or shape, my sound on the fly and alter it to what I want it to sound like.

Note, these are separate from the common highs, mids and lows found on the controller. This is a separate unit, selfcontained in one other, side unit. It complements not, supplementing anything.

Cheers and thanks for your time,
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  • Hi Bob,

    Thanks for passing along your suggestion! This sounds super cool! I'll be happy to submit this to my team as a new product idea for you :)
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  • Hey Bill! Thanks for the reply! A while ago when I had the NS7FX I tried accessorizing, with difficulty I might add, to have a more, robust DJ, controller, mastering setup. It is very difficult and, expensive, to create something like that. It's like buying computer hardware and installing it, by yourself and piece by piece. Very custom, very frustrating! After a while I gave up and now, I've told you guys because, you guys have the resources, research and talent, to get something like this done.

    Two heads are better than, one. Right?

    Personally, my focus was always on the Turntable, Controller and Mastering aspects of live sound. If I had my way, I would get a bunch of stuff from AKAI and couple it with the latest from Numark and, have that as my setup. It is possible and available.

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